RILE System-Integration

Tailored solutions

Assembly facilities

The following resources are available for the assembly of your components, machines, plants, and automation cells:

01. Hall space

3.500 m2 of hall space, directly attached to the design department, provides adequate room to manufacture your product. The halls are 7m high.

02. Cranes/hoisting technology

Our assembly halls are currently equipped with 5- and 10-ton crane systems.

03. Test stations

There is a corresponding test station/unit for each product produced in multiple. Otherwise, plants are accepted/tested at RILE in accordance with customer-specific requirements.

04. Manual work stations

In the lower area of the assembly hall (4m), there are special manual work stations for the manufacturing of smaller components. This ensures the flow of components into the assembly line for the entire unit at the optimum time without tying up valuable assembly space for machines/plants.

05. Switch cabinet construction

The lower part of the assembly hall also houses the switch cabinet construction zone. Switch cabinets are wired and tested in parallel with the machine assembly process.

06. Assembly skills

Our employees are trained in the following areas and have many years of professional experience:
a) Electrics
b) Pneumatics
c) Hydraulics
d) Precision mechanical assembly