RILE Machining Technology

and Assembly

CNC machining and precision manufacturing

With around 50 of the latest CNC machines, we can undertake the complex machining of cast, steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal, and titanium alloys up to a block with a side length of 2,500 mm, a diameter of 5,300 mm, and a unit weight of 20 tons. We provide high-precision turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. Flexibility and reliability are of the utmost importance even when implementing complex requirements. All products are manufactured in accordance with the very highest technical standards. During the production process, we evaluate all quality-relevant data at the end of each work step using our production-parallel quality assurance system and document the quality of your products using a 3D CNC measuring device report.

01. Batch production

Exclusive and supplementary production of small to medium lot sizes. We have modeled our production department as flexibly as possible to meet the different and diverse requirements of our customers. We also ensure that our production department is efficient by using the latest special tools as developed in-house by means of sophisticated and highly specialized technologies.

02. Complex cubic parts

We have a large amount of experience in machining gearboxes, clutch cases, axle casing, railroad drives, and airplane parts as well as diverse components for the machine tool industry, medical technology, trucks, buses, tractors, helicopters, ships, rail vehicles, agricultural and construction machines, injection molding and die casting machines, printing, paper, and packaging machines, and wind power generators.

03. Prototypes, production start-up and discontinuation, supplementary production

We use flexible production methods to support our customers with large quantity requirements in the production start-up and discontinuation stages. If more parts are ordered than expected, we can use our experience to step in as a supplementary producer.