RILE System-Integration

Tailored solutions

Design and development

On the basis of a concept formulated with your collaboration, we create drawings, circuit diagrams, and hydraulic and pneumatic plans and determine the required software and control technology. The design process includes all important details and is used to manufacture fully finished components, machines, plants, and entire production systems. Since, following the design stage, we also involve you in the planning and development stages, cost savings are almost always possible right up to the point of realization. In addition, our company can also carry out production and assembly and provides a comprehensive service offering to meet all your requirements, from the project planning phase right through to construction and final assembly. Our extensive machine stock allows us to take on responsibility for producing all products and systems starting with single parts and components.

Engineers with many years of professional experience in electrical engineering and control programming work with you to compile a flow chart that ensures an optimal product manufacturing process. We use a control system of your choice for programming in order to ensure the seamless integration of our products into your existing line. In addition, we pay attention to making sure our products are adequately described so that your employees become quickly accustomed to using them. The visual depiction of programmed routines supports a fast production process.

We use all common robots (control systems):

01. Electronic circuit diagrams

We use all common electronic hardware planning tools to create the planning documentation required to manufacture and document electronic hardware.

02. SPC visualization

You get a user-friendly visualization/interface for all SPC programs so that machine operators can easily operate the plant using a family Windows interface.

03. Robot programming

You get online and offline programming support for all common robots.

04. IPC control

The integration of IPC to enable simple operation under industry conditions is part of the RILE standard service.

05. Training

You receive customer-specific training either in a general form at our training centre or on your customized plant/machine.