RILE System-Integration

Tailored solutions

Factory automation and system integration

Robot-based processing Workpiece handling Tool handling Pallet handling

Robot-based processing

- Deburring cell
- Milling cell

Workpiece handling

- Mobile loading cell
- Compact 2 Station Cell

Tool handling

- Decentralized tool magazine
- Central tool magazine

Pallet handling

- Robot Pallet Handling
- Shelf Operating Device
- Floor-Pallet Storage

Thanks to many years of experience and expert knowledge in automation solutions and the modeling of complex production processes, we are able to combine the most varied components and devices to create ready-to-use systems for the business optimization of your production processes.

We provide tailored automation technology solutions and design and realize robot and linear system applications for extremely diverse production and product manufacturing processes. In addition to the concatenation of diverse machines, we undertake tasks such as palletizing, milling, burring, washing, gluing, assembling, inspecting, automatic part recognition, conveying, and much more.