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Flexible Manufacturing System

RILE Flexible Manufacturing System
The automation of workpieces (pallets) and tools reduces production lead times – and increases flexibility


  • Increased customer loyalty due to immediate delivery capability (“faster to invoice”) and improved adherence to delivery dates thanks to better advance planning
  • Strengthened process discipline thanks to well thought-out process structure
  • Reduction of throughput times as the order can only be started after the availability of tools and parts/devices/pallets has been checked
  • Reduction of stocks due to order-specific production
  • Improved product quality and lower rework costs or lower reject rate due to increased process reliability
  • Cost savings due to:
    a) Production without set-up times
    b) Unmanned / low-manned operation possible
    c) Increase of the available machine time respectively
    d) optimal longer spindle running time
    e) Reduction of the machine-hour rates/manufacturing costs (production costs)
  • Increased flexibility in production (also thanks to EMS)