RILE Industrial painting

Manufacturing Processes

The processes we use are hand painting and stove enamelling. In several combination booths, the components are first painted and then baked.

Current plant equipment:

  • 2 painting booths of the company USI from Italy (Type Chronotech Elite)
  • 1 filler booth
  • 1 sanding room with 4 extraction tables
  • 1 blasting cabin
  • mixing bench for mixing each lacquer paint an nuance
  • separate finishing area for polishing the parts
  • car hand washing area for gentle cleaning

Processed materials


For many years, we have been refining one of the most exciting materials. Through our surface treatment, we have been turning it into the material that motorsport enthusiasts all over the world love and which, for many end customers, also enhances their automobile.



Painting is used to make machine cladding, machine and metal components more attractive in terms of design for industrial matters.



Glass surfaces are visually enhanced by the appropriate painting and thus receive additional benefits, e.g. in the form of privacy screen, imaging or information generation.



Thanks to multi-view painting processes and elaborate sanding processes, pieces of furniture become unique and stand for the individual taste of our customers.



Whether injection moulded, extruded, foamed and blown parts or complex 3D printed one-offs, all parts produced differently from various materials become a high-quality visible component through the appropriate surface treatment.


Glass fibre

Comparable to carbon parts, other composite parts can also be extremely upgraded by the painting process.



  • uni
  • uni 2-layer
  • metallic finish
  • matt and/or satin
  • high gloss and/or visible gloss
  • tinted
  • piano lacquer
  • textured lacquer with different degrees of roughness 1, 2, 3

Quality Assurance

Quality and environmental policy

Continuous, in-process quality inspection and assurance ensures painted components of the highest quality. Internal procedures are VDA-compliant and guarantee process reliability. Quality assurance is carried out using certified measuring equipment and tests, such as

  • cross-cut test
  • mattness meter
  • coating thickness gauge

Thanks to certification according to ISO 9001, we are approved as Tier 2/3 for various OEMs, such as Porsche, BMW, Bugatti, Audi, KTM, McLaren.

In addition, the "Green Aktiv Certificate" is proof of our environmentally friendly and resource-saving working methods.