RILE Machining Technology

and Assembly


01. Titanium

To date, titanium materials have been exclusively machined for the aviation industry. We hold the appropriate certification in accordance with the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI). The parts machined are engine components.

02. Aluminum/magnesium

Products made from aluminum and magnesium are primarily manufactured for the electrical industry and for cars and commercial vehicles. The parts machined are engine and gear components. Tool molds for producing plastic pipes are also produced.

03. Non-ferrous materials

We produce small series of copper alloys for bearing and conveying applications.

04. Cast materials

We machine all cast materials (GG, GGG, GS).

05. Steel

We process welded assemblies and diverse mounted parts in steel.

06. Stainless steel

We manufacture stainless steel parts for apparatus and container construction and for the food industry.

07. Plastics and food industry

We machine small series of plastic materials for the food industry.