Chaining of processing machines with a FANUC robot

The raw parts are storaged on pallets and a conveyor belt transports them to the robot cell. There, the robot takes the raw part from the separation station and loads lathe 1. After first processing the robot takes the semi-finished part and puts it into lathe 2, where the final production process is finished. Due to the large viriety of parts, the semi-finished parts have to pass a return station before the lathe operation can be started. The last processing step is carried out by a milling machine. For this, it must be guaranteed that the threads are put to the planned sprues.

The corresponding radial location of the milled part is fixed by a orientation unit and passed on to the drilling machine to-scale.
Afterwards, the machined part is put on the pallet of the corresponding conveyor belt. The cyclical feeding of the processing centres is carried out by a FANUC robot type M710i. This robot has a loading capacity of approx. 45 kg and a maximum outreach of approx. 1700 mm.