Loading and unloading a production cell with different processing machines and grid baskets by a „FANUC“-robot type R 2000 iB 125L

The task definition comprised the design, software, commissioning, construction, and delivery of a plant with the required documentation (including a manufacturer's declaration in line with EC Machine Directive 89/392 EWG.

Process description:

The loading of the feed belt with the blanks is done by hand. The FANUC R 2000 iB 125L robot picks up the blanks from the belt and places them in the lathe. The parts are then transported to a gear cutting machine, deburring machine and washing machine. In the cell are still 2 storage tables with 6 storage spaces and 3 turning stations. Another component of the system is a test drawer for moving the parts in and out as required by the operator. The gripper is a 3 - finger gripper. After mechanical processing, the parts are placed in the grid baskets. If a box is loaded, it can be removed by the operator from the system and replaced with an empty box. Thereafter, the process begins again.

Other information:

When selecting a part for the test drawer, the robot removes the finished part from the lathe, puts this on the test drawer and equipped the lathe with a new part of the feed belt. The parts must be reinserted after the test procedure.

Grabber technology:

The jaws on the gripping system are designed so that the parts are gripped from the outside. The system is encapsulated with a safety fence in accordance with the valid safety regulations and a door with safety interlock.


Cycle time = 4.0 min
Weight of workpieces: up to max. 29 kg
A Ø from 139 to 270 mm
Height 145 mm
There are two different boxes with clipboards
Size. 1200 x 800 and 800 x 600 mm