RILE System-Integration

Tailored solutions

Pallet handling

a) ) Robot Pallet Handling


  • The robot can also load and unload the clamping device with workpieces directly
  • Integration of various stations possible, e.g. measuring, washing etc.
  • More flexible layout design
  • The robot can perform deburring operations
  • Easy expansion of the system
  • Range increase by robot on 7th axis (traversing axis)
  • and much more
b) Shelf Operating Device


  • Hall height can be used
  • Up to several tons of handling weight possible
  • Easy to expand due to modular design
  • Pallet sizes independent
  • Compact design
  • and much more
c) Floor-Pallet Storage


  • Compact fully automatic storage system for parts supply
  • Storage of various workpieces
  • Loading and unloading also by forklift
  • Stackable workpiece carriers
  • Loading and unloading parallel to production
  • and much more