RILE System-Integration

Tailored solutions


01. Materials handling

Production of conveyor belts and racking systems for the transportation of parts or carriers in a robot cell.

02. Packaging machines

Assembly of packaging machines for the tobacco industry. We are also active in the foodstuffs and sanitary products packaging field.

03. Loading and unloading components

We can provide all components for loading and unloading work pieces into/out of machines in accordance with your specific part requirements.

04. Robotics

We provide robot cells for the automation of your manufacturing process - mechanics and electrics from a single source!

05. Work piece storage systems

RILE offers complete rack/pool-type work piece storage systems.

06. Test benches

RILE manufactures test benches for the aviation and aerospace industries and for other applications such as transmission manufacturing. Examples:

  • Tensile strength/pressure test bench for materials
  • Calking equipment for drive components
  • Gauges for checking dimensional accuracy
07. Assembly machines

RILE produces partially and fully automated assembly lines with or without robot technology.

08. Winders and calender plants

RILE manufactures winders and coating calender plants for the plastics industry, in particular for manufacturing film.

09. Special machines

We are happy to produce special (unique) machines for the manufacturing of your products at times when we have spare capacity in production.