RILE Machining Technology

and Assembly

Production processes

01. CNC turning

We can turn work pieces with a maximum diameter of 5,300 mm on our diverse vertical turning and boring centers. Some of these machines are fitted with two rams/plungers and/or a C-axle with driven tools. We also have vertical turning machines for smaller parts (without driven tools).

02. CNC machining

Our machining centers can produce small series or large quantities of parts up to a block with a maximum side length of 2,500 mm. Our strength lies in our flexible lot production method. From small parts to large work pieces and whatever the material, we are a great choice of partner!

03. CNC milling

Milled parts are manufactured in a separate department at RILE. This ensures that single parts and small series can be produced efficiently. Unlike in the CNC turning and machining center areas, in this department the CNC program is generated on the machine itself. This ensures a high degree of flexibility and enables us to react quickly to customer requirements (rush jobs).

04. CNC grinding

At RILE, we can carry out circular grinding up to a diameter of 1,300 mm (conventional) and up to 400 mm (CNC-controlled). In the case of face grinding, we are able to supply products with a length of up to 2,100 mm and a width of 900 mm.

05. CNC turning/milling center

We can produce highly complex turned and milled parts (combination parts) with a diameter of up to 1,600 mm on our turning/milling centers. Since we complete the manufacture of each part in one go, we are able to meet your high quality requirements. High-precision machining also means that we are able to deliver quickly, since each part is completely ready after a maximum of two passes.