RILE Machining Technology

and Assembly


If precision, quality, and pace are important in your business, RILE is the right partner for your orders. Our extremely modern, large machine pool permits the precise machining of a huge spectrum of prismatic and rotationally symmetric work pieces.

RILE produces work pieces for a wide range of sectors such as the railroad, construction, plastics, aviation, wind energy, drive technology, machine tools, semi-conductor, bearings, and general machine construction industries.

01. Casings

We process casings in different materials (Al; GG; GGG; St) with a 100 to 2,500mm block size.

02. Axles

We machine axles with a length of up to 2,600mm for the car and commercial vehicles industries.

03. Flange parts

We are a competent partner for your complex flange parts.

04. Rings

We process soft and hard turned rings - including hardening and grinding and the special machining required for their correct installation.

05. Special parts

Because of the high in-house production depth and different production procedures used at RILE, we can meet your demands for the machining of special parts.

06. Engine parts

Notable engine manufacturers use us to machine their components. At our customers' request, we manufacture completely ready-for-installation parts using a defined workflow.

07. Gearbox parts

As a drive technology partner, we machine all major gearbox parts.