RILE System-Integration

Tailored solutions

RILE Roboter und Anlagentechnik uses a modular structure to provide you with standard cells for your custom automation task. Irrespective of whether it is tool handling, work piece or pallet loading of machine tools, we have appropriate solutions up our sleeve. Part feeding for this purpose takes place using pallet modules, conveyor belt, chain conveyor or the tiered pallet storage developed by RILE with flexible size properties.

Insofar as the standard solutions are insufficient for your particular task, we would be pleased to consult you and realise your customer-specific project on a joint basis. In the process, we focus always on cell or manufacturing isolated applications, so that at the end of automation a finished part or product is the joint result.

We would be pleased to collaborate with you to also realise flexible manufacturing systems. We would be pleased to support you in pallet automation, with an operating device used to either store the pallets in a shelving system, or feed them to the processing machine. Furthermore, we can assist you with the automated supply of machine tools with tools using the so-called RILE FFS.