Excellent manufacturing expertise and
efficient processes make RILE stand out from the crowd.

Nearly 250 ideally qualified employees, 50 of the most up-to-date CNC machine tools, a 3,500m2 assembly zone, and generous storage facilities (around 9,200m2 roofed space) enable us to produce a broad spectrum of products.

Thanks to 70 years of production experience and efficient processes, RILE is able to offer you the following services:

  1. Design of machine and plant components in accordance with your requirements
  2. CNC machining of all cast, steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal, and titanium alloys up to a block with a side length of 2500 mm, a diameter of 3750 mm, and a unit weight of 20 tons.
  3. Production of Plug & plug-and-play components..
  4. Production and assembly of complex and demanding machines and of entire plants.
  5. One-source factory automation (system integration) using robots and handling systems, flexible conveying systems, and diverse automation components.
  6. Lightweight Design Carbon Processing & Rapid Manufacturing
  7. Industrial painting
  8. Temporary employment in the field of mechanics and electrical engineering