RILE System-Integration

Tailored solutions

Tool handling

a) Modular Autonomous Tool Magazine

Thanks to the modular design, the workpiece stations can be expanded in stages



The modular and autonomous tool magazine is a central tool storage, from which the machines connected to the RILE FFS (Flexible manufacturing system) are supplied with tools. The number of tools stored in the magazine can be configured individually to customer specifications, and all necessary data is handled by means of tool chips and control system.

Tool storage can be solved via fixed location or via envelope curves programming.



b) Tool commissioning magazine



tool commissioning magazine



Based on the CNC programs and difference lists, the centrally stored and system-managed tools are commissioned according to order, and are moved to the machines by means of manual or driverless (FTS/AGV) transport trolleys. Conversely, tools that are no longer required are returned to the central store. The number of tools stored in the magazine can be configured individually to customer specifications, whereby different tool types are taken into account simultaneously.



Thanks to automatic tool handling with a customized combination of hardware and software, your set-up times are minimized

This permits the maximum tool life to be used optimally, without the risk of machine downtimes



Your benefits from the tool commissioning magazine

  • Compact tool storage system
  • Storage of different tool types (HSK, Capto, DIN, etc.) possible
  • Customer-specific configuration
  • Fully automatic tool commissioning
  • Manual tool trolleys or driverless transport system
  • Handling of all tool data (service life, length, etc.)
  • Main time parallel loading/unloading of the tools
  • Thanks to its modular design, the magazine can be expanded later for additional tools
  • Reduced operator workload, and time saving via digital tool handling
  • More efficient order planning thanks to tool service life being taken into account
  • Main time parallel loading station with 2 x 30 tool places
  • Simple operation via convenient touch panel
  • plus many others