RILE System-Integration

Tailored solutions

Workpiece handling

a) ) Mobile loading cell

Increases your flexibility and productivity

Direct and indirect work piece handling possible

Indirect workpiece handling using vices

Direct workpiece handling


  • Short changeover times thanks to flexible attachments
  • Direct workpiece handling or indirect by vise handling possible
  • Flexible and easy retrofitting of new components
  • Main time parallel loading / unloading and setup possible
  • Vises can continue to be used for manual loading of the machine
  • Effective and short term response to new orders
  • Integration of downstream processes such as marking, measuring, washing, etc.
  • Small installation surface required
  • No protective fence mandatory
  • Universally applicable to various CNC machines
  • Mobile and compact, can be transported quickly and easily using a pallet truck
  • Everything from a single source, from the interface to putting into operation


Worker and robot work simultaneously at the cell

Example: Loading of a 5-axis milling machine

The controller - everything at a glance



  • User-friendly visualization
  • System operation without robot control
  • Standardized, menu-driven programming
  • Quick & easy programming of new components
  • No special robot knowledge necessary
  • Main time-parallel programming of new components


b) Compact 2 Station Cell


  • Compact drawer storage system
  • Various designs of the drawer inlays possible
  • The workpieces can be transported using the transport trolleys from the automation system.
  • Fast parts supply by means of transport trolleys
  • Vice or workpiece handling possible
  • Expandable with additional stations such as washing, barcode laser, etc.
  • and much more
c) Individual workpiece handling

We can also offer you a completely individual automation solution tailored to your specific requirements. Integration of various stations such as washing, deburring, assembling, barcode laser device etc. is possible.

Werkstückhandling individuell
d) Manufacturing Islands
Werkstückhandling individuell


  • Short lead time compared to assembly line production
  • Increased flexibility in production, no rigid production processes
  • Strengthened process discipline, thanks to a well thought out process structure
  • Compact and flexible arrangement of the various processing stations
  • Integration of various stations possible, such as measuring, washing, etc.
  • Increased spindle runtime due to short handling distances
  • Improved product quality and lower rework costs or lower reject rate due to increased process reliability
  • and much more